Reporting for Managed Service Providers

Our most common use cases for managed service providers are:
  1. Contractual reports
  2. Consultancy / audit reports
  3. Billing reports
  4. Operational reports
  5. Pre-sales / onboarding reports
  6. Dashboarding
If you don't have a dedicated reporting team, we can author documents to your brand specification.  Send us your brand guidelines today and we will provide a sample customer report with no cost and with no obligation.

Contractual reports

More sophisticated customers now expect monthly reports containing information from disparate systems, such as:
  • Performance management systems
  • Ticketing systems
  • Billing systems
  • (often) Custom queries to in-house systems
ReportMagic automates this time-consuming activity by bringing all this information into a single, scheduled, MSP-branded report, customises the "Conclusions"/Executive Summary based on data within the report, then outputs the result to DOCX, PDF, XLSX and HTML.
These reports can demonstrate where action needs to be taken, for example explaining to customers where they need to invest in network capacity, storage capacity or a hardware refresh, thereby identifying faults or deficiencies before they can have significant impact.
If required, Account Managers can then personalise the Executive Summary, Save As PDF and send on to the customer.  In this way, the contractual SLA document becomes a sales document, not only proving what a great job you do, but also helping automate the sales process. If required, ReportMagic can even generate workflow items.
No more time wasted cutting and pasting graphs into reports! Now MSP account managers can concentrate on recommendations and the Executive Summary.

Consultancy / audit reports

You can use ReportMagic to create one-off, revenue-generating reports on customer infrastructure. This is particularly useful for security audits, capacity reporting, project work and compliance audits. Once the report is developed, the process will work for all other customers and can provide very profitable customer engagements.

Billing reports

How do you bill your customer? Per managed device? Per ticket? Per Mbps?  ReportMagic can fully automate the billing process, bringing in any or all of the above into a single, itemised customer bill. We can even integrate with your billing system to create invoice line items, or simply present existing invoice data from your finance systems into a pixel-perfect, branded PDF.

Pre-sales / on-boarding reports

Get new customers on board more easily with internal audit reports which can show where each customer will become painful later on.

Operational reports

Create weekly and monthly incident analysis reports, informing operations management of problem customers and technologies.


  • Customise your customer dashboards with data from your Support Desk, Performance Management and/or Billing systems. 
  • Provide access to your customers and internal staff. 
  • Present clear, branded infrastructure diagrams. 
Our widgets can be displayed within ReportMagic, or your existing dashboard technology (iframe support required).

- ReportMagic Reporting Software Features -

Free Cloud Reporting

Generate free, pixel-perfect, branded reports with ReportMagic reporting software. (Home page)

LogicMonitor Reporting Tools

Brand your LogicMonitor reports for presentation to your customers.

Quick Ad-Hoc Reports

Quickly produce ad-hoc reports of data from LogicMonitor, ServiceNow, Twilio, Jira, SQL Server, Docker, ZenDesk and many more.
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