LogicMonitor Reports

If you need to send branded reports containing LogicMonitor data, ReportMagic is for you.  Even better, you can include data from other systems, including databases, ticketing systems and other reporting systems.
LogicMonitor reporting is our passion and we would love to talk to you about how we can help so contact us now.

Use 130+ LogicMonitor macros

Our knowledge and dedication to LogicMonitor reporting shows in our 130+ LogicMonitor macros which make it easy to include LogicMonitor data directly into your reports.

Include pixel-perfect graphs 

Include any LogicMonitor graph into your report. Select your time period, graph over multiple devices or data source instances, include or exclude specific datapoints and adjust the graph size and dimensions.  Rendered using vector graphics, graphs are pixel perfect whether printed or viewed online.

Easily list all devices... for every customer

List all customer devices that match a specification (for example, all Cisco 6500 devices) and easily repeat the analysis for each of your customer's devices.  Create per-device group, per device and per instance sections of your report using our [ForEach:] macro.

Insert single values mid-sentence

Insert a single number into a report, mid-sentence. For, example, using the [LogicMonitor.DeviceCount:] macro:
We are monitoring [LogicMonitor.DeviceCount: deviceGroup=Customers/{CustomerName}] of your devices.
We are monitoring 123 of your devices.
Other macros include:
  • [LogicMonitor.SummaryValue:] - aggregated value over a time period.
  • [LogicMonitor.LastMeasurement:] - the most recent value.
  • [LogicMonitor.AlertCount:] - A count of filtered alerts active during a time period.

Produce automated and accurate tables of data 

Easily tabulate device statistics over the course of a calendar month.  For example, to tabulate Mean CPU for all Windows devices, this:
would produce this in your report:

Have a consistent look and feel

Our LogicMonitor graph macros use the palette from your LogicMonitor datasources so your report graphs match those shown in LogicMonitor.

- ReportMagic Reporting Software Features -

Free Cloud Reporting

Generate free, pixel-perfect, branded reports with ReportMagic reporting software. (Home page)

LogicMonitor Reporting Tools

Brand your LogicMonitor reports for presentation to your customers.

Quick Ad-Hoc Reports

Quickly produce ad-hoc reports of data from LogicMonitor, ServiceNow, Twilio, Jira, SQL Server, Docker, ZenDesk and many more.
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